Have you ever heard music that put your soul right where it needed to be? With the intent to inspire, Camille’s music is filled with life lessons of love and simply ordinary life. So who is she? A Chicago native, Camille has been encircled in music. With her, it’s not all about singing though. She intertwines the melodic language of her piano with her voice. Classically trained, she started piano at the early age of 8. She began singing at the age of 6. “As many other singers, I grew up singing in the church, and I am still a church girl!” Camille says.  “I know it’s a privilege and an honor to worship God through the gift of music, and I deeply appreciate that.”


Camille has been a singer and keyboardist in several bands: Soul Prodigy, Kewl Beanz, and Rented Mule, just to name a few. She has performed in several venues and events, including The Taste of Chicago, The West Oak Lane Jazz & Arts Festival, and many more.  In addition, Camille was the recipient of the Silver Medal for the NAACP ACT-SO award in Music Composition.  Furthermore, Camille was nominated for the Outstanding Achievement Award in Music by the African American Arts Alliance.  No stranger to the studio as well, she is continuously recording new music to share with her fans.

Camille’s music has been depicted as positive and uplifting. “People often share with me how a song brightened their day and gave them just what they needed,” Camille describes.  “That’s why it’s important that all of the lyrics come from God. He knows just what everyone needs.” As good music always does, it is there to pique your listening senses. Each song takes you by surprise and captivates you in a different way so that you never know what to expect. But somehow, it congeals under the same umbrella. “In the music, I am many times telling the story of something that I experienced,” Camille shares. Essentially, she feels that everyone’s life is a story. She has just set hers to music.